Lua script for ifname

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Lua script for ifname

Post by hugleo » 05 Dec 2016, 20:38

I'm not using DHCP Option 82 agent-id but I would like to apply some transformation to ifname interface so accel sends a custom username to radius.

by example:

I would like to strip out eth0.100 and create a username like ipoe9

сat /etc/accel-ppp.lua
function username(pkt)
local interfacename=pkt:getifnameexists()?
return mytransformationfunction(interfacename)

But for it I need to get the interface name. So are there a way that I get ifame in lua script?

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Re: Lua script for ifname

Post by nik247 » 06 Dec 2016, 07:01

Code: Select all

function username_iface(pkt)
    local username = pkt:ifname()
    return username

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