IPoE/PPPoE and usage of RSS/RPS

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IPoE/PPPoE and usage of RSS/RPS

Post by wobo » 26 Sep 2018, 21:38


I am using an Intel multiqueue nic/driver such as ixgbe

1) For PPPoE it's necessary to use RPS to spread load across cpu cores, because RSS in ixgbe can't handle PPPoE encapsulated traffic
2) For IPoE shared=0 (qinq) there seems to be a patch for the ixgbe driver that enables RSS (or maybe the current driver supports RSS for qinq already ) so technically RPS may not be necessary but I am not sure.
3) For IPoE shared=1 i have no idea I guess RPS is not necessary.

I would like to ask those running IPoE if RPS is necessary for shared=0 and shared=1 modes.

I am currently using only PPPoE, but if IPoE can utilize RSS this would be a huge performance benefit (much smaller CPU load without RPS) and a good reason for migration.

Thank you.

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Re: IPoE/PPPoE and usage of RSS/RPS

Post by dimka88 » 27 Sep 2018, 05:14

Hi, you're right.
For qinq use patch for ixgbe driver this will help normal queues interrupts. https://github.com/serhepopovych/ixgbe/ ... ouble-vlan

For shared = 1 only need balance set interrupts to cpu.
ps: / Dont set interrupts to hyper treading core

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