Radius test connectivity

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Radius test connectivity

Post by andlui9 » 10 Jul 2019, 17:41

I would suggest an online function (CLI) to be able to test if the radius servers (or server) are accepting a request, if it has more than one, a list with some ID could be displayed and the command could look something like this:

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accel-cmd "radius test [login] [password] [ID]  [auth type] [packet type]"
P.S .: [auth type] would be "pap" or "chap", or etc. [packet type] would be "auth" (Authentication / Authorization) or "acct" (Accounting). If the [auth type] was not defined by default it could be PAP and if the [packet type] was not defined the default could be AUTH. And in case you have a single authentication / authorization server, you would not need to set the [ID].

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