compilation in debian stretch

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compilation in debian stretch

Post by mlemaitre » 16 May 2017, 10:40


I tried to compile accel-ppp 1.11.1 or the code from the master branch in debian stretch, but there is an error:

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/home/mathieu/accel-master/accel-ppp-code-928aefd7779593961beca41376dd829c26d58de5/accel-pppd/extra/chap-secrets.c: In function ‘create_pd’:
/home/mathieu/accel-master/accel-ppp-code-928aefd7779593961beca41376dd829c26d58de5/accel-pppd/extra/chap-secrets.c:132:13: error: storage size of ‘md_ctx’ isn’t known
  EVP_MD_CTX md_ctx;
I found an explaination / solution here. This seems to be due to openssl 1.1 ... sn-t-known

I tried this solution, and then I was able to compile successfully, and to start accel-ppp


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