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Post by Dmitry » 09 Dec 2014, 07:35

* radius: major improvments
* radius: use NAS-Port-Id in Access-Accept for interface renaming
* radius: introduced "weight" and "backup" per-server options
* radius: introduced "attr-tunnel-type" option
* radius: introduced "max-fail" option
* ipoe: introduced "ip-unnumbered" option
* ipoe: improved vlan monitor
* ipoe: introduced "attr-dhcp-lease-time" option
* ipoe: send option 82 from DHCP request to radius
* ipoe: fixed passing packets in 'redirect on reject' mode
* ipoe: implemented handling relayed DHCP clients
* ipoe: implemented "L4 redirect on reject" for DHCP sessions
* ipoe: implemneted ability to send L4 redirect table/L4 redirect ipset via radius attributes
* pppoe: introduced "called-sid" option
* pppoe: improved AC-Cookie mechanism
* ippool: introduced "shuffle" option
* core: improved "single-session=replace" handling
* shaper: apply rate multiplier to integer values
* shaper: implemented fq_codel leaf qdisc
* shaper: fixed passing quantum parameter to kernel
* shaper: introduced "moderate-quantum" option
* shaper: introduced "fwmark" option
* ipv6: add support for prefixes greater than 64
* ppp: make LCP magic number negotiation not mandatory
* ppp: implement address/control and protocol field compression
* ppp: implemented delayed unit close via unit cache
* pppd_compat: pass IPV6_PREFIX and IPV6_DELEGATED_PREFIX to ip-up/ip-down scripts
* cli: introduced verbose option

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