[bug?] IPv6 rebind

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[bug?] IPv6 rebind

Post by yanecisco » 18 Jun 2019, 23:20

currently MikroTik as PPPoE client while reconecting to PPPoE (restarting accel-pppd for example) sends DHCPv6 REBIND messages. This accel ignores and silently drops it at all because it doesn't know that client (ipv6/dhcpv6.c: dhcpv6_recv_rebind ... if (!pd->clientid) ... return).

I think that is wrong.

It would respond with some reply (and install ipv6 routes) OR deny that (not sure which is RFC compliant).

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Re: [bug?] IPv6 rebind

Post by dimka88 » 19 Jun 2019, 10:00

Hello, can you try patch https://raw.githubusercontent.com/Dmitr ... _ipv6.diff authot @themiron (Vladislav Grishenko).
RFC link https://tools.ietf.org/html/rfc8415#section-18.3.5

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