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Posted: 11 Jul 2016, 07:24
by Dmitry
* general rewrite and improve ipoe/vlan_mon drivers
* ipoe: generate EUI-64 interface identifier for ipv6 addresses
* ipoe: log warning if interface was not started by vlan_mon notification
* ipoe: introduced option "start=auto"
* ipoe: translate UP session to dhcp session when dhcp request received (for shared=0 interfaces)
* ipoe: implemented starting UP session by arp request
* ipoe: log interface renaming
* pppoe: add interface name to log messages
* pppoe: implemented vlan_mon support
* pppd_compat: change mode of radattr files to 0644
* pppd_compat: check for script existance before fork
* radius: implemented handling of Framed-Route attribute
* radius: do not send NAS-Port and NAS-Port-Id if they are undefined
* radius: add Delegated-IPv6-Prefix to accounting packets
* radius: update Session-Timeout by CoA
* shaper: implemented internal class id map
* ppp: introduced unit-preallocate option
* ipv6: remove ipv6 address and routes on session termination
* vlan_mon: introduced autoclean module parameter
* iprange: implement config reload
* make termination caused by SIGTERM soft
* remove pid file on exit
* for single-session=deny make early check for duplicate username (before calling radius)
* fixed broken "noauth" mode