Max Sessions on HP DL380G7

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Max Sessions on HP DL380G7

Post by mvangent » 22 Dec 2017, 01:00

Hey All,

Getting ready to deploy accel-ppp and wondering how many sessions it can handle.

My customers will be shaped to 50mb/5mb. The server has 24 cores and 64gb ram, and multiple 10gbe interfaces(can scale interfaces as needed). I dont mind oversubscribing the box some, I just need to know the ballpark # of subscribers this one server can handle. Are we talking 1000 or 5000 or something else?

The server is running debian with the latest accel-ppp, running pppoe-server with radius auth and radius COA as well as shaping.

Thanks in advance,

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Re: Max Sessions on HP DL380G7

Post by dimka88 » 22 Dec 2017, 08:19

Hi, in test I seen 64000 sessions, performance depends on network bandwidth (cpu irq) and speed limits (tc rules), and also firewall (iptables rules, nat).
In practise people use 2 cpu without ht (8 core), 8 G Ram and network (dual intel 82599) for 6000 sessions.
Accel-ppp does not limit count of sessions

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Max Sessions on HP DL380G7

Post by SashkaKP » 31 Jul 2018, 10:05

Will following the the directions for the 2Big 2 turn my NS MAX into a 2BIG 2?

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