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Please note full change log you may obtain from git log.

1.8.0 (2014-05-08)

  • major l2tp rewrite
  • introduced IPoE (ipv4 only) module

1.7.4 (2014-05-08)

  • fixed various bugs
  • introduced accel-cmd program
  • ippool: impelented persistance
  • radius: implemented default-realm option
  • radius: proper handling of Framed-IP-Address=
  • shaper: time range and other fixes
  • shaper: implemented mtu option
  • net-snmp: fixed run out of FD_SETSIZE

1.7.3 (2012-12-07)

  • fixed various bugs in cli
  • fixed l2tp connection problem from android
  • implemented chap-secrets encryption
  • implemented NBNS (WINS) support
  • implemented regular expression support (pppoe)

1.7.2 (2012-09-06)

  • fixed connection dropping when mppe=prefer and user rejects ccp
  • improved tunnel termination (l2tp)
  • fixed sending incorrect magic in lcp echo request
  • fixed various typos
  • gather interface statistics via netlink

1.7.1 (2012-07-12)

  • drop compressor settings on session termination
  • fixed race condition on termination
  • fixed unexpected lcp timer start
  • fixed setting of ACCEL_PPP_VERSION with git coloured output
  • log_file: fixed bug in per user log
  • pppoe: tag length sanity check
  • iprange: accept network with null mask (which actually disables iprange module)
  • l2tp: various fixes
  • radius: update Class attribute by CoA request
  • telnet: check for disconnect condition while processing input chars
  • implemented per-CTRL ip-pool option to specify default ip pool name

1.7.0 (2012-06-15)

  • implemented per CTRL mppe config
  • implemented vendor/attr options to specify which radius attribute containes ip pool name
  • implemented adaptive lcp echo functionality
  • implemented leaf qdisc attachment (only sfq at present)
  • implemented Challenge attribute handling (l2tp)
  • implemented unit(interface) cache
  • fixed ip-pre-up script result handling
  • fixed time range start detection on startup/config reload
  • fixed reading of req-limit option (radius)
  • fixed unexpected radattr file removal

1.6.1 (2012-03-20)

  • fixed ip-down segfault

1.6.0 (2012-03-11)

  • implemented logwtmp module
  • implemented connlimit module
  • implemented advanced shaper
  • implemented MS-Primary-DNS-Server/MS-Secondary-DNS-Server attributes
  • fix per-interface PADI limiting (pppoe)
  • fix module load order
  • fix “show sessions match” (cli)

1.5.0 (2012-01-17)

  • implemented named IP pools (radius Framed-Pool attribute)
  • implemented logging to system logger (log_syslog)
  • implemented ability to send cli commands via snmp
  • implemented PADI limiting (pppoe)
  • implemented simultaneous radius requests limiting

1.4.0 (2011-09-20)

  • implemented SNMP support (using net-snmp AgentX)
  • implemented multiple radius servers support
  • implemented IPv6:
    1. PPP IPV6CP protocol
    2. Neighbor Discovery protocol in part of Router Advertisement
    3. DHCPv6 server including Prefix Delegation extension
    4. ipv6-pool module
    5. Radius Framed-Interface-Id, Framed-IPv6-Prefix, Delegated-IPv6-Prefix attributes
  • fixed MPPE handling
  • implemented noauth mode (login without authentication)
  • improved CCP/IPCP handling
  • included builtin crypto library (optional)
  • improved l2tp handling
  • fixed builtin shaper temporary rate change functionality
  • various bug fixes and improvements

1.3.7 (2011-08-16)

  • fixed incorrect ip address assigning (chap-secrets)
  • improved CCP/IPCP handling
  • implemented passive CCP
  • fixed bug when match or order key is not in field list to show (cli)

1.3.6 (2011-05-30)

  • rewrited initialization procedure (fix gcc-4.6 builds)
  • fixed incorrect reading acct-timeout option (radius)
  • fixed segfault at daemon termination
  • fix connection problem when ccp was terminated
  • dir300 quirk (l2tp)
  • fixed bug of incorrect operation when time ranges are spicified and connection whithout time range identifier is arrived (tbf)
  • introduced 'mppe' option
  • introduced 'single-session' option to control single session per user
  • send chap challenge via CHAP-Challenge attribute too (radius)
  • fixed incorrect magic in lcp echo reply
  • fixed operation without accounting server (radius)

1.3.5 (2011-02-28)

  • fixed lcp echo stopping
  • fixed rate change from cli (shaper)
  • fixed buffer overflow in telnet part (cli)
  • fixed statistics output formatting
  • implemented extended statistics calculation (radius)
  • save history to file when telnet client disconnects (telnet)
  • fixed ip-up/ip-down scripts hangs
  • memory usage optimization
  • fixed incorrect burst value of policer (shaper)

1.3.4 (2011-01-15)

1.3.3 (2011-01-08)

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