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How to rotate logs ?

You can use system logrotate utility for it. Put following file to /etc/logrotate.d

/var/log/accel-ppp/*.log {
                test -r /var/run/ && kill -HUP `cat /var/run/`

I don't see pppd processes, how to manually terminate session ?

Yes, in fact accel-ppp doesn't use pppd because it has its own ppp implementation.
To terminate session you may use three methods:

  1. Use cli (telnet or tcp):

By default telnet listens connections on 2000 port and tcp on 2001 port.


$ telnet 2000 Trying… Connected to Escape character is '^]'. accel-ppp version 1.5.0 accel-ppp# terminate if ppp0


$ echo 'terminate if ppp0' | nc -q0 2001

  There are also other criterias to select session(s), use //help//  cli command to get more information.

2. Use radius Disconnect-Message:


$ echo 'NAS-Port=0' | radclient disconnect testing123 Received response ID 170, code 41, length = 20

  and you can control it in logs:

[2012-01-21|16:48:55]: info: ppp0: recv [RADIUS|Disconnect-Request id=aa <NAS-Port 0>] [2012-01-21|16:48:55]: info: ppp0: send [RADIUS|Disconnect-ACK id=aa]


3. Use snmp:


$ snmpset -m +ACCEL-PPP-MIB -v 2c -c local ACCEL-PPP-MIB::termByIfName.0 = ppp0

  For more information visit [SNMP] page.
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