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accel-ppp supports tbf/htb based shaper manager.
To enable it uncomment shaper in [modules] section.
It accepts radius attributes in various formats: rate, down-rate/up-rate and cisco-like. Values have to be in kilobits except cisco-like.
For example:
Filter-Id=1000 (means 1000Kbit both up-stream and down-stream rate)
Filter-Id=2000/3000 (means 2000Kbit down-stream rate and 3000Kbit up-stream rate)
To change radius attribute which contains rate information use attr option, for example:


of course this attribute have to be in radius dictionary. To specify different attributes for down-stream and up-stream rates use attr-down and attr-up options, for example:


If you want to use cisco-like format configure accel-ppp as following:


and send two attributes:
Cisco-AVPair=lcp:interface-config#1=rate-limit input 2000000 8000 8000 conform-action transmit exceed-action drop (which means 2000Kbit up-stream rate and 8Kb burst)
Cisco-AVPair=lcp:interface-config#1=rate-limit output 2000000 8000 8000 conform-action transmit exceed-action drop (which means 2000Kbit down-stream rate and 8Kb burst)

You may choose one of following shaping schemes: tbf/police, htb/police, htb/htb.
There are up-limiter/down-limiter options to configure desired scheme.
up-limiter may be police or htb
down-limiter may be tbf or htb

If you use upstream limiter of type htb then auxiliary ifb interface is required.

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