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 +====== Welcome to the ACCEL-PPP Open Source Project ======
 +ACCEL-PPP is a high performance VPN server application for linux.\\
 +Since version 1.8 it is also IPoE server.\\
 +Its goal is aggregation of various popular VPN techniques to a single application.\\
 +There are many open source projects which provides VPN services,\\
 +but they are specialized to a specific VPN technique: only PPPoE, only PPtP, only L2TP.\\
 +And you have to learn, configure and manage each one separately to build multi-service VPN server.\\
 +With ACCEL-PPTP you have all-in-one with single configuration,​ single management, ​ single monitoring.\\
 +==== Features: ====
 +  * Extensible modular architecture
 +  * High-performance multi-threaded I/O core
 +  * Supported PPTP
 +  * Supported PPPoE (including TR-101 extension)
 +  * Supported L2TPv2
 +  * Suppopted IPoE (start session by DHCPv4 or unclassified packet)
 +  * Radius authentication/​accounting
 +  * Radius DM/CoA extention
 +  * Supported authentication types: PAP, CHAP (md5), Microsoft CHAP Extentions (including version 2), not supported - EAP
 +  * Supported MPPE
 +  * Compression is not supported
 +  * Extensible logging engine with per session logging support, implemented log to file, log to remote host and log to PostgreSQL targets
 +  * Extensible user/​password database, implemented Radius, pppd compatible chap-secrets sources
 +  * Extensible IP pool, implemented Radius, chap-secrets and static pools
 +  * Supported pppd compatible ip-up/​ip-down scripts
 +  * Builtin shaper manager
 +  * Command line interface via telnet
 +  * SNMP support (master or subagent via AgentX)
 +  * IPv6 support including builtin Neighbor Discovery and DHCPv6 ​
 +All PPTP, PPPoE, L2TP tunnels are kernel-mode so don't produce system overhead like user-space mode tunnels.
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